Ageless Grace®  - Anti-Aging Exercises for the Body and Mind
Ageless Grace is a fitness and wellness program created by Denise Medved. It consists of 21 simple Tools for Lifelong Comfort and Ease.  Each of the Tools addresses different aging factors, such as joint mobility, spinal flexibility, right-left brain coordination, kinesthetic learning, cognitive function, systemic health, balance, self-esteem, confidence and playfulness. All 21 tools stimulate and utilize the five areas of the brain – analytical, strategic, kinesthetic learning, memory/recall and creativity and imagination.  Ageless Grace® works by re-opening the neural pathways that were created from the time you were born until approximately the age of 21 years old and also creating new neural pathways which is vital to active aging and youthful function!

The movement Tools of Ageless Grace® are organic rather than choreographed, and focus on using the core to stimulate cognitive function and physical function simultaneously. The Tools are practiced using a chair for stability and range of motion. This allows all ages and abilities of seniors to practice it, as well as baby boomers, young adults, those with weight, joint, diabetes and other challenges, those in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations — and kids absolutely love it!  It also provides a great multigenerational program for grandparents, adult children and grandchildren to share.

Ageless Grace® is a profound body of work that provides amazing results in all ages — yet it simple to learn, playful, easy to do – and FUN! It may change the model of aging in America – and the world! – and change the quality of function in your own future. Visit the official Ageless Grace® website at

Click HERE to watch Kat demonstrate Ageless Grace® on the Charlotte Today Show!

I am not currently teaching any any Ageless Grace classes. If you are interested in this program, you may contact me by calling 980-475-2194 or email me at

Visit the Official Ageless Grace® website:
Denise now sells an a practice at home Ageless Grace program which includes a 3-DVD set, Playbook and Flashcards on her website!