12 Tips to Make Every Nia Class Magnificent for the Body and Mind

12 Tips

From the music that makes us groove (downtempo, world, reggae, electro-acoustic, jazz, rock) to the clothes that make us feel free to the workouts that let us dance from our hearts, Nia is so much more than an opportunity to sweat and get our heart rates up. It's a chance to remind ourselves just how much we love our bodies and lives. And here are 12 tips to make every experience that much better:

Arrive with purpose
Set a personal intent for yourself before you walk in the room. What do you hope to accomplish?

Dress for passion

Wear cool, loose fitting clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Visit our online store to check out our  NiaWear clothing.

Take off your shoes

Use the 7,000 nerve endings in each bare foot to move in safe and efficient ways. Feel free to opt for soft, flexible-soled shoes as an alternative.

Follow The Body’s Way

Use your body according to its inherent design and function. Never force a move.

Seek dynamic ease

Perform movements with maximum efficiency and minimal effort.

Express yourself

Be yourself and have fun.

Breathe and make sound

Use your voice to blend motion and breath. Exhale with sound to condition and engage your core.

Protect your knees

Sink gently. Whenever you lower your body weight, feel your buttocks move back to avoid pushing your knees forward over your toes.

Use your hands

Engage your hands to generate powerful and graceful arm movements. Keep your wrists, elbows and shoulder joints mobile and relaxed.

Engage your spine

Keep your spine strong, mobile and flexible by moving an imaginary ring of air around your waist and neck.

Love your body

The best way to heal and transform your body and life is to love your body unconditionally, the way it is now.

Dance through life

For the best results, dance Nia at least three times per week. Remember all Nia concepts can be applied to everyday life, outside of the studio.